7 Steps

We know that taking your book from manuscript to marketplace can seem daunting at best. So we’ve created 7 simple steps that you can start even before you’ve finished writing:

Step 1: Choose your book format

Step 2: Design an attention-grabbing book cover

Step 3: Create a website

Step 4: Edit your book

Step 5: Format your manuscript and design the interior pages

Step 6: Line up production and distribution

Step 7: Promote your book

Whether you start with us as an existing writing coach client or come in with a finished manuscript, our process is geared toward you and your book. Unlike other self-publishing resources, we work with you one-on-one, with a single person shepherding your project through each step. From book design to marketing, you actually get to interact with humans (as opposed to dashboards) who know you are and care about what you’ve written.

Your first move? Choosing the dimensions and format(s) of your book. So let’s get started with: